Medical Cleaning Services Wirral & North West


Specialist Medical Cleaning for the GP and Dental Sector.

Procleanse Ltd understands the responsibility and vital part we play in making sure your medical and dental premises comply with infection control procedures and the fight against cross contamination. This is why we have created a unique bespoke and specialist division, Medical Cleaning Group.

Medical Cleaning Group

medical logoWhen you entrust your medical cleaning needs to Medical Cleaning Group, we introduce infection control procedures based on guidelines from the Care Quality Commission.

We will begin by writing a bespoke cleaning schedule tailored specifically for your building and your unique requirements. This will then be placed in a visible place for all members of staff and public to see as per CQC guidelines. Our staff are fully trained on how to deliver the standards set out in the schedule, in proper use of all equipment and in providing the first class service that we pride ourselves on.

We provide a full CQC/Infection Control file for your premises which comprises of:

  • Staff handbook on infection control
  • Performance cleaning schedule
  • Cleaning schedule which will be completed every day, signed off by a supervisor and stored for your convenience
  • Copy of a cleaning rota which is bespoke to your practice
  • Hand hygiene washing and sanitising guidelines
  • COSHH Sheets
  • All equipment is colour coded, in line with the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) National Colour Coding Scheme

These measures are put in place to drastically reduce the risk of cross infection and all items used are fully disposable.

We have used Hospec chemicals since the day we started our business, as it has been tried and tested in many environments. Our main product Cleaner and Sanitiser kills 99.999% of bacteria.


Finally, and crucially, when we get things up and running we regularly conduct regular audits. A member of our management team or our Managing Director will do site visits and refresher training for our team, so that we know our standards will be consistently high.

Is your current cleaning company providing you with the best CQC and infection control outcome possible for cleaning standards?

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