Service Terms and Conditions

  1. The Terms of this Agreement will be for eighteen calendar months from the Effective service Date. This Agreement will be automatically renewed for an additional eighteen- month period under the same terms and conditions until terminated by either of the parties hereof giving written notice of 90 days before the initial or subsequent Anniversary Dates.
  2. If the Customer terminates the Agreement without any proven and accepted contractual cause or reason, the Customer will be liable for recompensing Procleanse Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’) in full for demonstrated loss of profits and overheads, either for the balance of the Agreement or one hundred and ninety days, whichever is the greater period.
  3. The Customer, for proven and accepted non-performance can terminate the Agreement.  Before termination is effective the Customer must give written notice of the defect to the Company and allow thirty days to either rectify defect or issue a formal notice of defence.  If neither of these requirements is met to the reasonable satisfaction of the Customer, the Customer shall notify the Company formally of its intent to terminate the Agreement giving ninety 90 days’ notice.
  4. Subject to any specific provisions to the contrary in this Agreement, all sums payable shall be paid in pounds sterling.
  5. The Customer agrees to pay Company before the 30th day of each month for the invoice raised that month for services and consumables supplied. The Company reserves the right to judge the Customer in default of this Agreement and terminate immediately if payment is not received by the Company by the 10th of the month following the month in which the contracted service was rendered.  Termination of this Agreement does not constitute a waiver by the Company for any monies owed by the Customer for prior services rendered or consumables procured to site.
  6. Late payment If the clients account is not settled within Procleanse Ltd payment terms (as above) clause 5 then a late payment fee of £18.00 plus vat will be added to the account for every overdue invoice for each month outstanding.
  7. Subject to clauses 5 & 6 above and any Act of Parliament the Company reserves the right to charge interest at the prevailing bank rate plus 6% points per calendar month on any sum or sums from time to time outstanding under any contracts to which these Conditions apply.
  8. This Agreement does not include within the Contract Amount for the provision of any form or level of service on any statutory holiday days or client close down.
  9. The Company agrees to provide such labour, supplies and supervision necessary to provide the contracted services to the Named Areas.  The Company will select personnel to perform its obligations hereunder, with those personnel being employees or subcontractors of the Company.  The Company may assign or sublet the whole or any part of its interests or obligation under this Agreement to an affiliate or subsidiary of the Company.
  10. The Company agrees to make available all cleaning equipment necessary to provide the contracted services to the Named Areas.
  11. Either party shall have the right to request a transfer of employee or subcontractor within reasonable notice issued.
  12. On each Anniversary Date of this Agreement, the Customer concedes that the Contract Amount will be adjusted by mutual agreement.  If during the Contract Term any additional costs are incurred by the Company as a result of NLW/Pensions or any other statutory legislation those costs will be passed onto the Customer accordingly.
  13. The Customer can employ any employee or subcontractor or agents of the Company provided a finder’s fee of thirty-six (36) times the monthly value of the Agreement is paid within fourteen days of such employment, in addition to which the provisions under clause 2 will prevail.
  14. This Agreement may only be modified if such modification is in writing and signed by a duly authorised representative of the Company.
  15. It is expressly agreed that the Company is an independent contractor and is not, and will not be an employee or agent of the Customer.
  16. The rights and duties of the Company under this Agreement are personal and may not be assigned or transferred. The Customer is obliged to provide details of any incoming contractor for TUPE purposes before termination can be effective.
  17. The rights and duties of the Company under this Agreement are personal and may not be waived or otherwise affected in any way by an employee or representative or the Company.
  18. The Customer is obliged to provide feedback in line with the Company’s Quality Control procedures.
  19. The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, consequential loss, damage or injury incurred in Named Areas in the execution of the   contracted services, to the Customer’s property or employees and other Third Party on the premises.
  20. The Customer shall be responsible for the provision of all necessary or requested consumables other than those scheduled in the Agreement.
  21. The Company will take necessary precautions to comply with the security/alarming provisions of the Customer but will not be liable for any claim made against the Company in respect of alleged negligence of the Company or its servants regarding any security/alarm issues in relation to the premises.
  22. In accordance with that scheduled within the Agreement the Company will remove and take all rubbish (excluding toxic/Hazardous waste/Medical Waste) to an agreed deposit point on the premises, thereon after the responsibility for the disposal of such shall remain with the Customer.
  23. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the law of England and Wales, and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
  24. Failure by the Company to observe any of the provisions hereof arising from causes beyond its reasonable control including without limitation strikes, lockouts, shortage of labour, fire, storm, flood or any other act of God shall not be deemed breaches by it of these Terms and Conditions.
  25. The company will be responsible for providing adequate insurance to cover the duties carried out at the customers premises named overleaf
  26. The company can change any of its terms and conditions all clients will be notified in writing 30 days prior to inform them of the intention of change
  27. By Engaging us in clause 1 (contract cleaning services) you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out
  28. The above-mentioned Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.