From medical centres to dental surgeries, it has been another busy and exciting few weeks!

Our hard working team of cleaning technicians have seen it all this June and July. We removed COVID stickers at two dental surgeries. Cleaned gutters at a medical centre in Birkenhead. A brand new medical centre required a new building clean. We even cleaned a veterinary practice in Neston.

COVID social distancing stickers removed

Not so long ago we had a rush to install social distancing signage, including floor stickers. However in our fast changing world these are now redundant. No longer required in most UK medical facilities, removal enquiries have gone up considerably for us. An example of one such sticker removal work can been seen above. It was carried out by our team at one of our medical centres. Over 40 x floor tape signs were removed in total.

We start by warming up the stickers. We use handheld induction heaters for this. The stickers are then peeled and scraped away leaving a residue. If left this collects dirt and looks unsightly. Such residue will also harbour bacteria and can be a health hazard. Specially formulated industrial strength hydrocarbon detergent best removes the glue residue. We use this on all sticker removal jobs at the moment.

Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is carried out all year round. Being prepared for the August and September downpours is always wise. Autumn time brings increased leaves and other organic deposits. Lichen and other moss builds up throughout the year. Its then washed off in the late summer heavy rainfalls into the gutters. The gutters quickly become overwhelmed and stop doing their job. This regularly results in water ingress via vents and other spaces in the roof. That’s the last thing we need, especially if its easily prevented.

On this particular job near Wallasey we removed so much material we ran out of bags and had to temporarily store it on site while we went for more bags. Leaves, moss and mud was so badly baked into the gutters it blocked our equipment. After a few hours of hard work we managed to remove all the material. We even removed weeds and a few small trees that had been growing in the gutters.

Post construction site cleaning

ProCleanse Limited is an established and trusted cleaning service provider in Wirral and Cheshire. We maintain a reputation of being the premier medical cleaners in this area. Post production cleaning is another service we offer which we carried out recently at a medical centre in Cheshire.

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