A messy workplace is less productive than a clean and tidy workplace. Research has proved this. However many businesses are not considering the effects of dirty and untidy working environments.

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But we can fix this and read more to find out why its important that we do…

Workplace hygiene for all

For medical facilities such as dental surgeries, general practice clinics and veterinary surgeries hygiene is a legal requirement. Yet for offices, retail units and even schools hygiene is non-mandatory. Sure, there are heath and safety directives, these are common sense. Sadly workplace hygiene is all too often overlooked and ignored. This negatively affects your staff morale and even their health. Whether business owners and their managers are aware of this or not, we’d like to educate them on the facts.

We believe a clean and tidy workplace is a much happier and more productive workplace. It creates a good impression to your clients and customers. Your workplace will run more smoothly and even absenteeism will be reduced. Its a very simple win win solution to many chronic workplace issues. Fixing your messy workplace is easy. Simply give us a call and we’ll explain how we can make your workplace better and more productive.

you what we can do for just get it touch with us and  go down Its not only more productive but it Just because Even if you’re not operating in a food preparation environment, a high level of workplace hygiene is desirable for the health and safety of staff and customers.

Messy workplace = more staff sickness

There is a proven correlation between a messy workplace of staff sickness. Staff absenteeism is frequently blamed on poor working conditions. An aspect of poor working conditions is a messy workplace. Dirt, dust, slime and grime go together with mess and untidiness. This is simply because its a hassle to clean messy workplace. We can help prevent instances of illness that lead to sickness absences and ultimately lower productivity.

Workplace hygiene stats

  • Number of minor illness sick days increased by 12 million from 2011-2018
  • Minor illness comprises 28.6% of all work absences
  • Average desk has 400 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat
  • 25,127 germs per square inch on average telephone
  • 28% for telephones never cleaned
  • 36% for computer mice never cleaned
  • 31% of work keyboards never cleaned
grimey computer keyboard
Keyboards can be hold more dust, grime and even bacteria than you think.

The problem

Bad workplace hygiene is a hugely important issue that gets overlooked all too often. Its something that happens slowly over time. Common reasons for this are having been let down by your cleaning company. You then decide to take on the cleaning duties in-house yourself. Even when a cleaning rota is written up and agreed on, taking on your workplace cleaning can be a disastrous decision.

The solution

Surprise surprise — hire a professional cleaning company like us! Well you knew I was going to say that didn’t you. Just hear me out. Put simply the cost to your business due to poor morale, absenteeism, reduced productivity caused by a messy workplace is massive compared to our cleaning fees — its a no-brainer! So please go ahead and contact us today, you’ll be very happy you did, I guarantee 😊

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