Gym cleaning services provided by us for The UTS in Wirral help to maintain a safe, hygienic and enjoyable environment in which to train, exercise and take classes. Our primary objectives are to eliminate cross contamination and create a clean, fresh place for gym members to enjoy.

gym cleaning services uts wirral

Minimising disruption

We fit in with the busy schedules operated by gyms. Nobody wants their workout interrupted by a vacuum cleaner. Likewise you don’t want to be half way through fitness class when someone starts cleaning the bikes!

Our team of cleaning technicians operate outside of busy hours when classes are not taking place. When they are at work carrying out their gym cleaning services, they are courteous and respectful. We never interrupt a members workout.

Gym cleaning services – what we clean

  • All gym equipment cleaned
  • Class area carpet cleaned
  • Changing rooms cleaned
  • Toilets cleaned
  • Offices cleaned

Why is maintaining a clean gym so important?

There’s no disputing that most people using gyms sweat a lot. They also breath heavily and emit fluid droplets from the nose and mouth. It sounds disgusting doesn’t it — that’s because it is! Being within sniffing distance of someone else’s bodily secretions is normally enough to have us wrinkling our noses. So the thought of using gym equipment that hasn’t been cleaned recently will deter many from using it.

Its basic human nature. We are programmed to avoid other peoples bodily fluids to prevent us getting sick. Its that simple and there’s scientific proof. Bacteria and germs spread faster in unclean gyms. Many people don’t clean down the equipment before or especially after use. This leads to a drop in overall hygiene standards. As a gym owner you don’t want that kind of reputation.

We keep your gym clean and healthy

Our regular gym cleaning service maintains the highest standards of hygiene. That’s why The UTS and other gyms use ProCleanse to keep their workout spaces, happy, healthy and clean. So go on, give us a call today or send us a message and we’ll get right back to you!

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