Cleaning high to reach areas is a challenge without the proper equipment and expertise. Safety needs to be considered first and foremost. Having the right equipment too is super important. These are the main reasons why many cleaning companies don’t offer cleaning at height services.

Cleaning at height by ProCleanse

Unlike many cleaning companies we do offer cleaning at height services. Reaching those high-level difficult to reach areas is no problem for us. 18ft (5.5 meters) high reach dusting is one of our specialities. Cobwebs are a common issue for offices and other commercial buildings. When formed in high ceiling and skylight areas cobwebs attract and gather dust. Sadly spiders don’t clean up after themselves — but we do that for them!

What we clean

  • Ceilings and ledges
  • Beams and pipes
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Air conditioning units
  • Extractor fan vents and outer casings
  • Tall cupboard and cabinets tops
  • Tops of tall shelving

cleaning at height

Pollen and dust

Ever wondered why dust returns so quickly after cleaning. Or why you get a random sneezing fit. The reason is likely to be pollen and dust falling from cobwebs high up in your workplace or home. Pollen will often stick to cobwebs and be blown free with airflow from an open window or doorway. And just because you cannot see a cobweb doesn’t mean its not there.

Your workplace will stay dust free for longer by frequent high level cleaning of ceilings, skylights and stairwells. Areas that are difficult to reach often get missed out when it comes to cleaning.

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