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Coronavirus Sanitising Services Wirral & Chester

We provide coronavirus sanitising services across Wirral & Chester. Our COVID-19 decontamination deep cleaning keep medical practices and schools across our region safe. We use approved and certified cleaning chemicals. All proven to kill the Coronavirus COVID-19 in under 5 minutes. Our staff are highly trained, professional and polite.

coronavirus sanitising services

What we do

An initial site survey will determine the extent of work required. Our surveys can be carried physically or virtually to suit your needs. Firstly we hand clean all touch points. This includes al door handles, door plates, desks, keyboards, phones, light switches, kitchen areas, toilets and so on. This removes all dirt, grease and grime. Simply blasting everything with chemicals would not be 100% effective.

Electrostatic induction fogging systems are used once preliminary cleaning is complete. This process kills COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 and other nasties in minutes. Disinfectant is effectively distributed evenly on all touch surfaces.

We use only the latest hi-spec equipment and sanitising chemicals. This makes our work easier and more efficient. By using the best materials we are guarantee our processes and provide a first class service for you. Customer satisfaction is our mission.

Some of the equipment we use

Coronavirus sanitising services frequency

From twice daily to weekly deep cleans, we have the capacity to work to your schedule. As recommended by the GOV.UK Guidance a twice daily frequency would be our preferred choice. However we understand our clients have budgets to work to. We never use pushy sales tactics and will always work to your needs.

Offering advice is all we will and can do. Simply things like reducing clutter and asking people to wash their hands will all help. Focusing on specific areas can also be beneficial in the fight against COVID-19 and other germs and bacteria. Keeping kitchen and bathroom areas clean will reduce the risk on infection.

How long does each sanitising session take?

It basically depends on the size of the area to be sanitised. The type of equipment and access is also factored in. Technical areas such as treatment rooms, kitchens and bathrooms require more time to sanitise thoroughly. We don’t cut corners here at ProCleanse. Every touch point such as handles, taps, work-surfaces are all attended to. Hallways, waiting rooms, dining areas and classrooms require slightly less time. A typical deep clean and fogging process usually takes about 60 minutes. This includes the time required for mist dispersion.

Who we serve

  • Dental Practices
  • Doctors Surgeries
  • Veterinary Practices
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Offices, Retail and Commercial Properties
  • Gymnasiums & Sports Centres
  • Hotels and B&Bs

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