Welcome once again to lockdown. Procleanse are at the forefront of providing deep cleaning and sanitising services to the NHS, schools and businesses across the Wirral and Liverpool. We use Approved and certified chemicals to kill coronavirus in under 5 minutes and use the best equipment there is to sanitise all touch point and surfaces in the workplace. Sanitising area is only effective after the area has been thoroughly cleaned prior too electrostatic spraying. There is a lot of companies who have popped up over the uk and Wirral over the last 12 month offering the sanitising/fogging service however all that they are doing is spraying a sanitising liquid on to a dirty surface. If surfaces are not cleaned prior too this, then the liquid will not be able to penetrate the dirt/ dead skin cells and any other contaminates to be effective.





With the New Year nearly upon us it might be the best start to look at a new cleaning provider. With a proven track record in the commercial cleaning industry using proven techniques and equipment Procleanse are one of the market leaders in the Northwest for Commercial cleaning and sanitisation services. We work 24/7 and provide a bespoke cleaning service to all of our clients, there are no hidden extra our fixed monthly cost includes everything. With COVID-19 still a reality and will be for a long time we provide a sanitising service for any business type, please remember fogging/sanitising can only effective if the area has been cleaned first, failure to to clean will result in the chemical laying on top of a dirty surface. We provide a full deep clean followed by a complete electrostatic fogging service upon completion a certificate will be allocated to the premises.


New website

After spending over 10 years providing sanitising products to all of our clients at great prices we have now launched our revamped website . Handsan4u was set up to help everyone have access to all types of sanitising products normally only availiable to business. All products sold meet our strict criteria for chemicals and effectiveness.


COVID-19 5/3/2020

Concerned about COVID-19 Coronavirus? Need a Deep Clean with Medical Grade disinfectant?

By following some basic steps, you can help reduce your risk and do your part to protect others.

The World Health Organisation 2020 recommends that the public;

1. Recognize that COVID-19 is a new and concerning disease, but that outbreaks can managed with the right response and that the vast majority of infected people will recover;

2. Begin now to adopt and rigorously practice the most important preventive measures for COVID-19 by frequent hand washing and always covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing;

3. Continually update yourself on COVID-19 and its signs and symptoms (i.e. fever and dry cough), because the strategies and response activities will constantly improve as new information on this disease is accumulating every day;

4. Be prepared to actively support a response to COVID-19 in a variety of ways, including the adoption of more stringent ‘social distancing’ practices and helping the high-risk elderly population.

When it comes to changing your commercial cleaning provider there are often a lot of questions you may not know the answer to. This guide is designed to outline the main steps in the process, what to look for in a new provider, and, to help you gain a better understanding of the laws surrounding the TUPE regulations.

Making the decision to change cleaning provider
There are many reasons why a business may decide to change their commercial cleaning provider. They may feel they are not receiving the level of service they expected, or, they are not happy with one of the cleaning operatives. Some businesses wish to lower their costs. Whatever the reason it is helpful to understand the steps in the process to ensure you are able to make a fully informed decision.

Finding a commercial cleaning company
Searching for a cleaning supplier can often be a daunting task. The commercial cleaning sector is an extremely competitive market and there are hundreds of providers out there.

An excellent starting place for your search would be the directory on the British Institute of Cleaning Science website, here. The BICSc is the largest independent, professional body within the cleaning industry. Members of the BICSc have proven they are able to provide a clean and safe environment and promote best practice in the industry. It is highly recommended that you select providers who are members of the BICSc.

It is essential that you research any commercial cleaning companies that you do find; not all are as good as the next.

Site survey and cleaning audit
Once you have identified your cleaning company or companies the next step would be to invite them to perform a site survey. Some companies will opt to provide you a quote without visiting your site, basing their price based on the specification that the existing provider uses. It is not recommended to choose a supplier who does this. It is essential that a complete site survey and cleaning audit is performed in order to fully understand the cleaning requirements of the building. A professional company will use this opportunity to identify any cleaning service improvements that can be made.

Once you have received the quote, or quotes, and decide to change supplier the TUPE process will begin.

What is TUPE?
TUPE refers to the “Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations”. The regulations were brought in to preserve employees’ terms and conditions when a business or undertaking, or part of one, is transferred to a new employer. The TUPE regulations also cover changes in service provision thereby providing protection to employees who are assigned to a contract that is being transferred or even being brought back in house. Under these regulations employees of the of the previous company will automatically become employees of the new company when the contract changes hands.

The regulations were originally introduced in 1981 and were subsequently replaced by TUPE 2006 on April 6th 2006 and then updated again in 2014. This change widened the scope of TUPE regulations to include cases where services are outsourced, insourced, or assigned to a contractor.

More information on the TUPE regulations can be found here:

The handover
One of the first steps in the handover process will be the provision of TUPE information from the existing commercial cleaning supplier to the new one, they must do this at least 28 days before the transfer is completed.

The new supplier will use the weeks before the handover to perform a number of tasks to ensure the changeover is smooth and that all parties are happy. Ultimately, the handover should be seamless; you should expect little to no disruption in your cleaning service.

Improving the cleaning standards
One of the common concerns of buyers is that they are concerned about the ability to change or improve their cleaning standards because of the TUPE legislation. For example, they may not be happy with one or more of the cleaners and they are not sure whether it is worth the effort moving to a new commercial cleaning company because the cleaners will have to transfer anyway.

One of the main key elements in adding value to the cleaning staff is evaluating the training requirements of the employees. Through proper evaluation and a well produced training programme the supplier can improve the ability of the cleaning operatives, increasing their confidence in their role and, their performance. Proper training, motivation and evaluation is crucial to achieving the cleaning standards that you expect. The incoming provider must be able to add value to the existing cleaning staff in order to raise the cleaning standards.

This should be an on-going process. Regular reviews of the cleaning operatives are essential to maintaining high standards of cleaning on any site. Reward schemes are an excellent way to further incentivise employee performance and to provide recognition to the staff.

To summarise, there are many factors to consider when changing your commercial cleaning provider. It is important to understand the reasons why you wish to change. Significant improvements only occur where proper training, as well as thorough performance reviews and management is implemented, and it is essential to consider this when choosing your new provider. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with the information to know what to look for when choosing a new cleaning company and will help you make an informed decision when you decide to do so.

Why don’t you Start the new year with a new cleaning contractor 2/1/19

We are trusted by the NHS for over 10 years have excellent attendance and cleaning structures in place (please see comments below) and above all affordable. Call us now for your free quotation and see how much you can save you will be surprised on 0516591001 or


Great Start to the New Year from one of our Medical ctr’s (2/1/2019)

Good morning Darren


As you will have been aware we had our infection control visit on the 14th December and I just wanted to feed back to you about this.

The surgery received an outstanding score of 97% and our auditor praised the overall cleanliness of the surgery stating it was the best in Practice she had seen! The auditor asked for your companies name she was that impressed.

So this is to say a big thank you to you and your team for your continued support at the surgery. The staff who attend the surgery clearly work to a very high standard and this is recognised and appreciated by St Georges.

All the best for 2019 to you all.

Kind Regards

Natasha Dixon

Assistant Practice Manager


Exciting news commercial kitchen cleaning now available 1/12/2019

At Procleanse we pride ourselves on our attention to detail we will literally dismantle your food preparation equipment hygienically Deep Cleaning all parts before reassembling and certifying safe for use.

Whenever we undertake a kitchen deep cleaning project we are aiming for absolute perfection, our extensive experience in this area allows us to effectively implement a truly scrumptious kitchen deep cleaning service that is as easy to swallow as any chefs special, here at procleanse we pride ourselves on our consistently high standards of commercial kitchen cleaning as we are masters of one trade not a jack of all.

Our kitchen deep cleaning services in Wirral Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales includes the following kitchen deep cleaning services as standard;

  • Canopy: Also referred to as hood, canopy hood, extraction hood, cooking hood, cooker hood, cooking canopy or extraction canopy, this area will receive a thorough clean and bacterial decontamination to all areas both hidden and visible utilising a combination of heavy duty industrial degreasers and dry steam.
  • Canopy/Extract Plenum: This is typically the area immediately behind the grease filter housing and below where the ducting commences, this area will receive a thorough clean and bacterial decontamination to all areas both hidden and visible utilising heavy duty industrial degreasers and dry steam.
  • Ducting: Beyond the canopy/extract plenum, this area will receive a thorough clean and bacterial decontamination to all areas both hidden and visible utilising heavy duty industrial degreasers, dry steam and other cleaning methodologies.
  • Grease Extract Fan: To create extraction from the canopy an extract fan would be connected to the ducting, some extract fans (roof mounted) discharge directly into the atmosphere via a cowl, This area will receive a thorough clean and bacterial decontamination to all areas both hidden and visible utilising heavy duty industrial degreasers.
  • The Buildings Structure: We aim to clean all areas within your commercial kitchen including high level areas such as ceilings walls and light fittings.
  • Professional Kitchen Deep Cleaning Operatives: Procleanse commercial kitchen deep cleaning operatives will at all times remain honest, professional and diligent respecting your and your property at all times.

Another Great Client  RNLI logo

Procleanse Ltd were chosen after a long tendering process based on the client testimonials provided by our current clients. We had been asked to provide a cleaning quotation for the RNLI’s main depot for the northwest were they service all there fleet of flatbed trucks, jet skis and 4X4’s and also provide training for new and current recruits. We are very proud to be servicing this clients as they are an amazing organisation and everybody respects highly what they do.

Welcome untitled

Its been a very busy 2 months with new contracts being acquired across the Wirral, to name but a few we were chosen by sunlight orthodontics for our CQC and infection control compliance techniques. They were amazed at what we can achieve to bring them inline with the current guidelines. we started by writing a bespoke cleaning rota and schedule which was agreed and put in to place for infection control measures and all our materials were installed colour coded of course to meet HTML 01-05.

Welcome arcelormittal


After a long and hard tendering process Procleanse Ltd was awarded the contract for ArcelorMittal the worlds largest metal manufacturing company with sites all over the world be were picked to improve the standards at there Birkenhead depot based upon our Health and Safety record and our very competitive price.

2015 New Year and time for a good clean


Cleaning Services Wirral

2014 saw a very good year for Procleanse obtaining business from all sectors ranging from communal offices, factories and even more medical centres. We are proving to be a cleaning force that sets standards that a lot of other companies cannot achieve. This is down to the dedication of the staff that we have and the strict training and auditing process that we have in place for our staff and clients. If you feel that your new year needs a spruce up in the cleaning department please feel free to get in contact with us, as many others have done in 2014 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE.

Infection Control Audit



We would like to congratulate one of many NHS clients on once again achieving 100% from there infection control audit carried out on the 25/11/14, and would also like to congratulate Laura, Ann, Joanne and pam our dedicated cleaners who have achieved amazing results for this practice

Association Of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP)


AHCP logo




We are proud to announce that we are sponsors of the AHCP association of healthcare cleaning professionals. The ahcp is the professional association for healthcare cleaning in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

ahcp members are directly involved in managing and delivering cleaning and hygiene services in most NHS and independent hospitals.

Members also hold key roles in many primary care and GP clinics and surgeries, nursing and care homes and other residential care settings provided by the public, charitable and private sectors.




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BICS Accreditation


We have just received our new British Institute of Cleaning Science Certificate certifies that the membership demonstrates active and materiel support of the institute in its aims to raise environmental standards through training and education



The World Health Organization has stressed the importance of regular hand washing and sanitizing as part of the fight against this disease.  Cleenol has announced that demand has been high for 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, our new Halal approved Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, which have been tested to BSEN1500 and our Bactericidal Foam Soap, which has been tested to BSEN13727 and BSEN1276.  All these products are both  bactericidal and virucidal.




Two of our many NHS practices on the Wirral that we currently service and have done for a number of years now, have recently had there infection control audits which saw amazing results from the inspector. Who commented “it was the first practice she had seen without any dust” needless to say the practice manager was delighted




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Here at Procleanse Ltd we are committed to staying up to date with the latest technology and that includes our website. We want to be able to showcase what we do for our clients and that includes our potential clients looking for a new cleaning company.

Cleaning is just one of the many services we provide and we happen to be very good at this. Many years of experience, building knowledge and a reputation for hard work, excellence and reliability have helped us to become one of the premier cleaning and commercial services companies in Merseyside.

We provide our services to clients in Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire and beyond. As we mentioned cleaning isn’t the only thing we do here at Procleanse although it is probably what we do most. Our clients vary from blue-chip multinationals to local business and SME’s. We will happily fit in with your staff working ours to keep disruption to a minimum.

Many businesses today require building management services and not just cleaning. Due to strict government guidelines landlords also benefit from our expertise in post letting vacant property cleaning services. To see a full list of what we do head over to our cleaning services page to find out more.

Our website designers, Rabbitdigital Design in Frodsham, have created our new site which includes a new blog area. We plan to use this to keep you all up to date with what we’re doing, any new services we might begin to offer and just general news and fun stuff about us, our business and our clients. Please get in touch using the Quick Contact form to give us your thoughts, ideas for news posts and feedback about our new website.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Darren Mitchell

Managing Director

Procleanse Ltd