A long standing client had a problem. Water leaking from a pipe above the ceiling, when it dried, left a nasty stain on the ceiling tiles. Being such a busy office they simply hadn’t got round to sorting the problem out.

As regular visitors to their offices carrying out our usual cleaning routine our staff had noticed. After all, attention to detail is our speciality and this was a very big detail. Unsightly, wet and stained ceiling tiles are ugly to say the least. Our cleaning technicians work hard to do the best they can. Leaving each job only when they are satisfied everything is done correctly, smelling fresh, cleaned and looking pristine.

The leak had been fixed but the rotten ceiling tiles remained in situ. No amount of cleaning and tidying could mask what was plain to see. The whole room looked awful!

We’re not your average cleaning company you know!

Mentioned in passing by one of our supervisors the question was put. “Are the water damaged ceiling tiles due to be replaced soon?”. “Sadly not” said the office manager. “I simply haven’t had the time to organise it”. Spotting an opportunity to solve two problems at once our supervisor suggested; “Well I’m sure we could sort that out for you if you like”. “Would you?” said the manager. “Absolutely, leave it with me, it’ll be done by the end of the week!”.

water damage ceiling tiles
Water damaged ceiling tiles following leaking pipe issue.

Here are ProCleanse we like to think we’re well connected. We do specialise in a few key services such as medical cleaning but that’s not to say we don’t work with any other organisations. Having been in the business since 2009 we have built a vast and varied portfolio of clients. From manufacturers to medical service providers, dentists to law firms and everything in between.

No time to waste

We measured up, took a few photos and made a quick phone call. One of our clients just happens to be a supplier of the tiles we needed. We picked the new ceiling tiles up the next morning and they were installed later the same day.

damaged ceiling tile
The extent of the damage is visible in the image above.

Another happy client!

In just over 24 hours the water damaged ceiling tiles were replaced. We disposed of the old damaged tiles, went about our cleaning routine and Voilà! The offices not only looked amazingly clean and tidy, they smelled fresh and new. Our cleaning technicians were happy and our client was thrilled.

Why should you repair water damaged ceiling tiles

Only when the the source of the moisture thats causing the water damage to the tiles has been identified and rectified should they be cleaned and/or replaced. Otherwise your hard work will be pointless. It might sound obvious but you wouldn’t believe the things we’ve seen and heard over the years.

ceiling tiles replaced post water leak
New ceiling tiles replacement complete, literally as good as new — because they are!

Don’t ignore it

Ignore a water stain at your peril. It will ultimately lead to severe structural damage. Mold and poor indoor air quality is another nasty side effect. If you’re unsure about how to find the source of the leak seek professional help. If you’re one of our clients — ask us. We’re here to help, in more ways than you might think.

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