Amazing results achieved by our factory cleaning team yet again!

Our team have been busy again recently factory cleaning near Birkenhead. The client, an engine manufacturing specialist, needed a complete office and shop floor cleanse. We quoted, received approval and booked in for the following week.

Arrival on-site

On arrival our technicians got to work straight away. A site survey helped to establish exactly what equipment and materials would be needed. To minimise disruption to the normal operations of the facility, cleaning work was carried out during the night. A fraction of the workforce would be present which allowed or teams to work quickly and efficiently without hindrance.

About the factory

Being one of the UK’s leading racing engine manufacturers makes this a busy production facility. Operations are also highly sensitive with some top secret machinery. This meant we were limited on what we could show in photographs. The factory produce engine casts. Everything is produced in house using both conventional milling methods and the latest CAD CAM technology. These are used for both prototyping and production setup.

Such an operation generates huge amounts of grease, oil and other contaminants. Most of this material ends up on the floor and had been removed on a regular basis by commercial cleaning. However COVID-19 and the pandemic meant added restrictions on who could enter the plant. Cleaning companies also had to prioritise health care, medical and care home facilities. Combined with BREXIT and a workforce shortage, factory was unable to operate cleaning processes as normal.

truvox multiwash ii toilet floor cleaning
Floor cleaning works starts to remove oil and grease contamination.

Cleaning equipment used

A build up of grease and oil on floors throughout the factory meant we needed some serious equipment. In such instances we roll out our Multiwash II Truvox scrubbing machines. They work with almost all floor types. The Multiwash II washes, mops, scrubs and dries on both hard and soft floor coverings as it goes. The results we achieve with these machines are stunning. We use them in nursing homes, leisure facilities, retail units and education facilities.

factory floor halway cleaning before after
Before and after results are stunning, we use Truvox Multiwash II cleaning machines to achieve these results.

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